SLA (Service Level Agreements) and Warrantee Support.


Installing Sound, Projectors, Boardroom Solutions, Classroom AV or Video Conferencing?

Ask us to design, supply and install the ideal solution to fit your budget and needs. We deal in the top AV brands throughout South Africa and has more than 25 Years’ experience in the AV and related Industries. Call or send us a request today.  


We enable you to sign a SLA (Service Level Agreement) or honour outstanding warrantee agreements without the need for technical staff or expertise based or traveling to the Free State, Lesotho or Northern Cape.



We take care of the AV or conferencing customer or  project you leave behind in Bloemfontein, Bethlehem, Kroonstand, Kimberley, Bloemhof, Thaba Nchu, Aggeneys, Kathu, de Aar Kuruman, Harrismith, Hotazel and surrounding arias. 


Key Services Offered :

  • SLA – (Service Level Agreements), 4 – 24 Hours-On-Site
  • Warrantee Support (Hot-swop or on-site service)
  • Emergency Callout (24 Hours Service)
  • Professional audio visual installation services
  • Conference system, sound scape, Installation planning and acoustical dampening consulting
  • AV design, installations, sales, support and repair

Mining – Northern Cape

  • Boardroom Maintenance
  • Training Facilities Setup
  • Projector Bulb and Service
  • 100V Line Public Address

Healthcare Facilities

  • Medical Grade Projectors
  • Intercom System 
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • Distributed Audio

Schools and Education

  • Annual Projector Clean and Service
  • Lamp Replacement
  • Refocus and Settings
  • Sales and Refurbishment

Retail Space

  • Streamed Retail Music 
  • Custom Radio Stations
  • FX Lighting
  • Retail Sound Systems

CUT’s and Universities

  • Hassle Free Maintenance
  • On Site Repair / Replace
  • Emergency Call-out
  • Installation and Support

House of Worship

  • Broadcast Lighting
  • Dante and Recording
  • Streaming and Projecting
  • Live Sound and Training

Our Core Services

Boardroom Solutions

Boardrooms are hassle-free communication spaces (or is supposed to be…) Screens or Projectors? How bright and how many, how many inputs and how do we use VC (Video Conferencing), how many microphones and should we be able to electronically vote?

We Support, Consult, Supply or Install

Government and Private Schools

School halls can project a high impact image of the school’s ethos to pupils and the public. Phased approach is not just financially clever but also allow for a custom fit design over time. Affordable line-array systems and broadcast stage lighting is now easy to access

We Consult, Design and Install School Halls

Large Aria Public Address

100V Line systems or “horn speakers” are ideal to cover large arias with spoken word. Typically weather resistant and having an audible reach of around 150m it is the ideal solution for large yards or sites. Can be zoned and independently controlled as needed.

We design and repair 100v Line Public Address

Church Projectors

Churches have become utterly reliant on their projectors working 100% of the time. Projector lamp replacement and even projector replacement is a major factor when deciding on a brand of projector. Wi-fi connection or HDMI – Talk to us, we’ve been there.

We calculate throw ratios and brightness – on site

Conference Systems

Clever conferencing systems is an important tool for large meetings where it is essential that every person is heard and can hear. Easily extended to a 2, 3 or 5 button electronic voting system with access control, seat specific cameras and language translation.

We design conference systems to your specific need

Large Sound Systems

Concert Sound systems come in a variety of Line Arrays, Dual 18” Subs, Stage Monitors, Large F.O.H (Front-of-House) audio mixers, microphones and a whole lot of other pieces, items and elements. How it all fits together and is setup – that’s the magic. Smallest footprint and cost, largest impact.

Large or Small we know sound stems  

Question & Answer

Can Production Wise supply any brand of AV gear

Yes, we can if you ask for it by brand. We have distribution deals in place that favor you as customer immensely where price is concerned with our brands, they have proven reliable and we tend to stick with our import network but, theoretically we can supply you any brand you want.

Will you come out to see what’s wrong with our system

Yes we do. We will come to your venue (within our metropolitan aria) and look at your system and potential faults on it. We also take the time to explain best practice and potential remedies.

Will you support MY customer even though you were not involved with the installation or sale?

Yes we will. That is part of our core business. We support large scale installations and make sure the system operate as intended and warrantees are adhered to for the specified period of time. We can get involved at any stage of your contract, from the initial drawings, up to the commissioning and eventual hand over and even the de-commissioning of some systems.

Do you respond to emergency callouts

Yes we do. We attend emergency callouts as priority and we charge our standard emergency callout fee for in- or after hours. You would need to sign up for this service but, but call us and arrange a site visit.

We are agents throughout South Africa for:

Taiden Conference

Taiden is, and has been, the world leader in conferencing systems for at least the last two decades. Their systems incorporate anything from a simple two mic voice recording and storage system to a 500 delicate parliamentary conferencing, discussion, electronic voting and access control system. Taiden incorporates electronic voting, video capabilities, paperless conferencing, multi-lingual translation, access control and much more. Taiden is known for ultra high reliability and ease of use.

PA, Paging & Background

DSPPA is fast becoming the go-to brand for reliability and usability in the competitive 100V or High Impedance market. Powering anything from your small home office or large industrial sites such as public address on mining sites or large warehouse spaces, sound applications in large retail malls or retail shop chains – DSPPA installed nationwide and under any security or safety restrictions. Production Wise supply continuous targeted background music for retail and restaurants.

Martin Audio South Africa

For 50 years Martin Audio has been at the forefront of speaker development. Being one of the first companies to realize large-scale, outdoor P.A Systems for concert applications Martin Audio kept at it and developed some of the most popular and well known live sound point source, line array and stage monitor systems in the world today. Martin Audio currently cater for any market where quality sound is needed. House of worship / church, 100V PA, live outdoor concerts and casino.

Extron AV Interlinks

Extron is the one-shop-has-it-all supermarket of AV (Audio Visual) connectivity and distribution. With excellent quality, great training and backup support, this is one brand that make sense when linking together all the different pieces of your AV install and expecting them to work reliably for years to come and, should something go wrong, Extron is a well known architecture that all self respecting installer understand. Quality school AV install switches, projector cables and splitters.

Bosch Fire Conference

Bosch is known for quality and dependability. All around the world Bosch voice evacuation, 100V public address and constant background music, discussion and paperless conferencing systems are used in the most critical of applications. Retail outlets benefit from the high fidelity and wide coverage of Bosch 100V, high impedance systems and commercial sites from the high SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and all weather certification. Bosch is the “Standard” go-to manufacturer for many AV fields.

Vivitek Projectors

Vivitek projectors are manufactured in the Netherlands. Benefiting from their close association with the Delta group Vivitek projectors are some of the best large venue, long throw, ultra-short throw, laser light source projectors available in South Africa. They have a proven track record of more than 15 years in Africa, spares and service is easily obtained and their education portfolio offer a standard 5 year warrantee to qualifying educational institutions such as government and private schools, universities and colleges.